1289162135774Elephant Butte is the only lake of any size within 3 hours of El Paso, Texas or Las Cruces, NM.  The lake is fed by the Rio Grande that flows from southwestern Colorado, through New Mexico and down through Texas to the coast.  Elephant Butte is right next to Truth or Consequences, New Mexico.

Fishing this lake for virtually all my life, I have seen it through good and bad times.  You can catch white bass, crappie, bluegill, catfish (channel and blue…I have never seen a flathead there), walleye, black bass, smallmouth bass, rainbow trout, and stripers.  My grandfather lived on this lake and fished it for his whole retirement. He would laugh and say that the lake had more diversity of fish in it before they introduced the stripers.  These days there are more white bass and stripers caught than anything else.

Plagued with drought the lake is currently down to about 3 percent of normal lake levels and the fish have become much more concentrated.  The lake is also much more dangerous due to there being many dangers such as barely submerged rocks that have always been submerged 40 or 50 feet before.  I will talk more about this lake in the near future.

Elephant Butte Lake NM, is down to about 3 % of normal capacity. From sportsmen to farmers, we all lament the lack of water. The silver lining is that the fish are more concentrated.

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