081107_11001 2-88A436E2-1492342-800Del Rio, Texas is on the US-Mexico border.  Lake Amistad is actually half in the US and half in Mexico.  It is split down the middle with marker buoys to let you know where the international line is.  I have fished; this lake for a good 20 years and have never had any trouble.  There are a few things you must know when you fish Amistad.  First, if you are going to fish the Mexican side, you must purchase a Mexican fishing license.  They are annual from the date of purchase.  This is different from many licenses that are for a hunting or fishing season in many states.  Secondly, everyone n the boat is a fisherman on the Mexican side of the lake.  No one can say they are there to enjoy the day, take pictures, or just drive the boat.  1 person = 1 license, 10 people = 10 licenses.  Do not, I repeat, Do not take any type of firearm to the Mexican side.  Make sure there are no bullets or spent shell in you boat.  There is no tolerance for US citizens in this respect.  You are there to fish.  You don’t need the hassle.  This lake is a big water lake.  The lake can get rough in the wind. please plan accordingly.

The fishing at Amistad is great even when it is slow.  The lake is very big and you can get away from other fishermen quite easily.  Amistad was listed last year as the place to go by Bass Master Magazine.  It had dropped a few slots this year but is still definitely one of the best lakes to fish in the nation.  On any given weekend there is a great chance that there is a tournament going on.  Fishing pros are a common site in Del Rio and on the lake.

The fish make this lake what it is.  You have to find them each time you go to the lake.  When you do, it is game on.  Many a big fish is caught every day on this lake.  I know I tend to focus on the black bass, but there are many types of fish on this lake.  Catfish come in channel, blue and flathead.  Crappie, white bass, bluegill, perch, smallmouth bass, and stripers are all in abundance on this lake.  Water is typically pretty clear with a light stain in bad weather or wind.

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