Lake Fork, Texas 2017

Trees on Shoreline at Lake Fork

Trees on Shoreline at Lake Fork

We took the kayaks to Lake Fork for  a chance to find some of those famous East Texas Black Bass.  This is truly a lake built for fish.  It is filled with cover.  This cover consists of tree roots and stumps.  There is a forest under water

Lake Fork is littered with stumps of all sizes and shapes.

Lake Fork is littered with stumps of all sizes and shapes.

in this lake.  It is a prop salesman’s dream come true.  I bet most boats loose at least a prop when on this lake.


The lake is big and has a lot going on around it.  There are numerous places to stay and eat all around the area and the people are friendly and helpful.  Chief among these was Ronnie Parker of Lake Fork Trophy Lures, who did his best to make sure we understood what the bass at Lake Fork like.  His establishment in Emory, TX was well stocked and a joy to visit.  I encourage anyone going to any of the lakes in that neck of the woods to visit with him.  He might even give

We caught fish in very skinny water.

We caught fish in very skinny water.

some free advice or a lure or two to you.

This was our first fishing of the year with plastics and as such

Catch Photo Release...always fun

Catch Photo Release…always fun

we had to once again get the “feel”.  I lost a ton of bites.  I caught a few fish.  We fished the shallow water as advised.  We were told the fish were in 1 to 5 feet.  We did not catch anything in more than 1.5 feet of water.  The fish were in the weeds or just on the edge of them.  The stumps and roots looked like perfect fishing spots but did not yield anything.  I am sure at another time of the year, that would be the go to strategy.

In Caddo Creek we came in contact with an alligator when I nudged it with my paddle by accident in skinny water.  This was good motivation to move to another location.

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