Boonedox Landing Gear installation on a Pro Angler 14 (2015)

I have a 2015 Hobie Pro Angler 14.  For those of you who do not, let me tell you it is a dream machine in the water and a real chore out of the water.  Most will say that you need to launch with a trailer and save your back.  This is true but it limits your entry points and quite frankly goes against part of why most of us started kayak fishing in the first place.  Carts are great except that you have to lean your yak to get them in the scupper holes.  With the PA loaded, I also worry about cracking the scuppers.  The cradle cart is a neat concept but not something you can take with you.  This brings us to the Landing Gear by Boonedox.  This is a take-with-you cart that is attached to a bar across the middle of your yak.  It is not cheap.  It is not flimsy.  It is not in the way.  This carting system is well thought out.  A fully loaded PA rolls on a sandy beach like it was gliding.  The positioning of the tires in the middle of the yak balances the weight nicely.

The Landing Gear goes under the handle Just behind the seat as to not interfere with it's operation.

The Landing Gear goes under the handle Just behind the seat as to not interfere with it’s operation.

I am not going to rehash the installation instructions.

Larger bolts make finding the threads easier.

Larger bolts make finding the threads easier.

There is a very good video on YouTube for installing the Landing Gear on a PA.  I will touch on some of the obstacles I encountered during my installation.  First off, make sure you know the year model you are installing to.  Each model is slightly different.  Parts for these things were ordered.  That meant I had to wait for them to get here.  That also meant that when I was missing needed additional parts, it would take ore time and more frustration.  Get your ducks in a row from the get go or be prepared to be creative.

Bolting down the unit is fun part.  You have a plate that the bolts need to bolt to on the inside of your yak.  This requires really long arms and tiny hands or the use of a wire and lots patients.  First off, the bolts work easier if the are longer.  Get some from your nearby hardware store.  It will make this go much smoother.  I found that the bolts start easier on one side of the plate than on the other.  Check it out on each hole.  It can’t hurt.  Make sure your holes are 3/8 inch and straight.  You have very little wiggle room and have a bar in the way while trying to find the threads.  Give yourself all the help you can.  Again the video on YouTube is great.

Pro Anglers require a longer bar.  It is sold separately.

The spacer included was not thick enough to fill the gap.

The spacer included was not thick enough to fill the gap.

It will come with two thin spacers.  These are to raise the handles slightly so the Landing Gear fits.  These spacers are not enough for some year models.  For those who do their homework, you can order a second set of spacers that are larger at the same time you get the PA extension kit.


Home made spacer disk made of rubber belting.

Home made spacer disk made of rubber belting.


Both spacers were needed to get the right fit.

If not, you can wait another two weeks in frustration for them to arrive after ordering them midway through installation.  It took a long time for me to get the first order.  I was not about to wait that long again.  I decided to make some spacers.  I took some thick rubber belting and cut disks that could be inserted for spacers.  The bolts were the next hurdle.  of course they were just shy of reaching.  I found some that were the same size that I had saved from my power pole installation ( I guess I should write that one up some day).  They were actually too long and had to be cut.  Always make sure that you use a brush to even out and clean the threads when you cut a bolt. They went on fine.  Take your time not to cross thread anything.  You get one shot at these nuts that are in the hull.


This unit is great.  It lets you move your yak without unloading it first.  Just remember that with weight on it, it will be a booger to remove.  Lift your yak and set it on something to remove the pressure when changing the wheel settings and you will have less trouble doing so.  If you try in the water, remember the wheels are buoyant and will fight you.  You will need to push them down.  A little lesson I learned the first trip out.  Tight lines.




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